Founded in 1906, RICHTER RASEN produces top-quality natural turfgrass sods for various purposes worldwide in the fifth generation. The company supplies football stadiums and golf courses all over the world with natural turf, as well as gardens, parks and playgrounds.

We have already supplied renowned football stadiums worldwide with 
RICHTER STADIUM TURF® and major football associations rank the company among leading turf suppliers in Europe. RICHTER RASEN has also provided natural turf grass to major football stadiums of EURO 2012, such as the prestigious NSK Olimpiysky stadium in Kiev, the Shakhtar Donetsk Donbass Arena and the 
Arena Lviv in Ukraine. In March 2015 Berlin Olympic Stadium and SC Freiburg, Germany, and many more.


RICHTER STADIUM TURF is our top product for sports and an highly innovative form of sports turf. Since 2003, turf grass sods have been cultivated of the unique natural rootzone in Slovakia. 
RR has developed, among other products, the premium RICHTER STADIUM TURF®, which has to be cultivated for at least two years before being fully mature. This turf easily surpasses the requirements of DIN 18035 T4 standards. This quality is recommended by most prestigious football clubs worldwide and has been specially developed for the micro climate of football stadiums.


​This turf was specially developed for outdoor and highly stressed trainings centers, sport areas or riding courses. Its special plant population guarantees an extreme stress tolerant sod with fast regeneration and easy maintenance.