Your turf is our passion!

Turf is ideal for all kind of occasions. For football stadiums, golf courses , tennis courts, but also for garden owners that want to use their garden as soon as possible. While seeds take a few months and need to be maintained constantly, rolled turf can be used directly after installation and is fully established after only 2-3 weeks. You can easily install our turf yourself. We have developed especially for mid continental climate 3 different turf products for your and your garden: Download folder RICHTER HOBBY TURF Download folder RICHTER ZOYSIA TURF 

OUR BESTSELLER - the patented RICHTER HOBBY TURF® is our client´s darling and a real allround genius. Juicy green, soft and extremely robust and easy to maintain – These unique characteristics make our HOBBY TURF® to the best partner for your garden. Our SHADOW TURF was developed and tested in cooperation with a German university. THE MODERN MIRACLE - ZOYSIA TURF is a warmzonegrass​ and in our regions the most slowly growing grass. This makes it extremely easy in maintenance and ecological: ZOYSIA TURF must only be fertilized once a year and mowed only 1-2 per month. Also it requires only very little water. In winter below -15 degrees celsius it falls into unter 15°C versetzt er sich in einen dromancy and its color turns golden yellow. With first warm temperatures after frost has gone, it turns back into its juicy green color.