RICHTER STADIUM TURF is our top product for sports and an highly innovative form of sports turf. Since 2003, turf grass sods have been cultivated of the unique natural rootzone in Slovakia. 
RR has developed, among other products, the premium RICHTER STADIUM TURF®, which has to be cultivated for at least two years before being fully mature. This turf easily surpasses the requirements of DIN 18035 T4 standards.

Thanks to our more than 100 years long know-how and decades of research, this type of grass can withstand extreme stress and make very fast recovery, as well as quick playability after laying. This quality is recommended by most prestigious football clubs worldwide and has been specially developed for the micro climate of football stadiums.


RICHTER STADIUM TURF® is grown on uniqe silica sand natural soil according to Ö-NORM 2606-1, and DIN 18035 T4. The study “AG Turf DFB – Commission Sportfields and Arenas” under direction of Prof. Dr. Werner Skirde from 2012, confirmed not only our unique quality, but also made us the winner.


Our company supplies renowned football stadiums worldwide with the special ‘RR-STADIUM-TURF®. Also the main pitches of UEFA EURO 2012, such as the Olympic stadium in Kiew (UEFA EURO 2012 Final game), Arena Lviv Lemberg and Donbass Arena. The finale of UEFA Champions League 2008 in Moscow was also played on RICHTER STADIUM TURF. Please find many more references in the document attached:

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Service and Consulting

Many stadium operators find that the maintenance of premium turf is quite challenging. Sports turfs have to withstand the manifold burdens that occur in the microclimates of football stadiums, such as a lack of light, poor aircirculation and the strain caused by games. The turf has to be playable in heat and rain and still keep a good appearance.

RICHTER RASEN therefore uses its extensive scientific knowledge to produce unique and innovative natural turfs, such as RICHTER-STADIUM-TURF®, which surpasses international standards. In addition, RR is the worldwide leading expert in long-distance transportation of natural turfs and turf laying.

Preparation and maintenance of fields are of utmost importance to prolong the durability and quality of natural sports turf. This is the reason why RICHTER RASEN also offers a wide range of services in addition to its innovative and exclusive turf products.


• Appropriateconstructionofturfsurfaces

• Choiceofmaterial

• Laboratorytestsandsoilanalysis,…


Football pitches (stadiums & training grounds), golf courses (greens, tees & fairways), equestrian facilities:

  • Design, planning, construction and completion
  • Soil and surface preparation, Subsurface
  • Above-ground irrigation systems
  • Heating systems

Basis Information

Abmessungen / Rolle: 0,75m oder 1,20m x min. 8,35m DIN 18035, Ö-NORM 2606-1, sowie sämtliche internationale Standards 80% Poa Pratensis + 20% Lolium Perenne Schnitthöhe von 26mm Alter des Rasens: mind. 2 Jahre – Strong Rhizomical (SR) Wächst in pannonischem Klima heran (-30°C bis +43°C) Lieferung auf mit Transportrohren (Ø 10cm) auf Paletten