For first installations and renovations of major golf course surfaces, like Greens or Teeboxes, only the best turf should be used. For this reason, we are providing the highest quality standards in the production of rolling lawns for this particular application.

We therefore offer specially designed turf varieties and solutions for every desired requirement, such as Teeboxes and shadow Teeboxes, Fairways, Bunker embankments and slopes from the Rough up to the Green.

Many European Head Greenkeepers have already been relying on our turfs quality for decades as a clean plant stand in perfect maintenance condition represents the ideal base for your success on quartz sand according to FLL and USGA.

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RICHTER STADIUM TURF® is grown on uniqe silica sand natural soil according to Ö-NORM 2606-1, and DIN 18035 T4. The study “AG Turf DFB – Commission Sportfields and Arenas” under direction of Prof. Dr. Werner Skirde from 2012, confirmed not only our unique quality, but also made us the winner.



- Naturgolfanlage Kobaldhof / Ramsau​
- GC Wienerberg / Wien – all 9 holes + Driving Range​

- GC Süssenbrunn / Wien – all 9 holes​
- GC Europa Sportregion Zell am See – 16 Penn A4 Greens​


- GC Gut Beuerberg – 19 Penn A4 Greens​
- GC Lauterhofen – 19 Penncross Greens, Tees​
- GC Osnabrück – Festuca mix Greens​


- GC Campanino Golf Bologna - all 9 holes


- GC Dolina Cardinala – 9 Penncross Greens​


- GC Loch Lomond – L-93 Greens​​


- ​​GC Mount Juliet – Penn A4 Greens

…und many more!


is a deep-cut friendly turf, which ensures optimum ball roll and endures a high foot traffic. GOLF GREEN GRASS is grown from the highest quality Agrostis Stolonifera, prepared on quartz sand base, produced without Poa Annua and growing firm within 8-10 days. The balanced grain gradation according to FLL and USGA ensures a functioning connection with the turf-bearing layer and rapid rooting. GOLF GREEN GRASS is maintained play-ready by us, cut at max. 6mm 6 times a week.


is a heavy-duty Tee turf with the highest regeneration capacity. It is deep-cut compatible to 8mm and is grown on our lawn base layer mixture. For shadow Tees and altitudes our Poa Supina Alps Turf is recommended on quartz sand.


consists of short-cut, water- and nutrient- saving grasses. Therefore FAIRWAY LAWN is absolutely easy to handle and furthermore has a excellent disease resistance and fast-regeneration ability.


is a slow-growing, frugal landscape lawn with all the positive characteristics that are required on a Golf Course.