RICHTER RASEN turf is cultivated on plots of over 300 hectares in Austria and Slovakia. The secret to our success, and ultimatley our customers satisfaction, lies in the quartz sand-soil of these areas. Inimitable in Europe, it offers the perfect conditions for the breeding of top quality turf. Some of its many advantages are as follows:

  • Rapid growth
  • Able to withstand very high degrees of foot traffic
  • Rapid regeneration
  • Rich supply of Oxygen in soil
  • Optimal water permeability with sufficient water- and nutrient storage
  • Vigorous root formation
  • Strong and resistant single plants

A manufacturing process on the highest of technological standards

As an innovative enterprise, it is essential that our mechanical equipment and all modes of production are constantly up to the latest standards and developments. These technical factors,  in combination with our continual research, enable us to guarantee one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Top quality ensured by a the climate of the Pannonian Basin

The plots of 300 Hectares in Austria and Slovakia on which our lawns are cultivated, are part of what is geographically know as the Pannonian Basin. It is the exceptional climate of this area which serves as the founding element in regards to the high quality of our turf. At the same time, it is the consideration and care of our employees, as well as the rigid requirements underlining our cultivating process which ultimately solidify the success of our enterprise. Consequently, sporting turf is bred for 2 years and regular turf for 18 months before any of them can be released for sale.

The fluctuation of temperature within the Pannonian Basin, ranges from – 30 C up to +40 C. ​Our specially selected grasses are well adapted to this climate and can hence be put to use in a myriad of regions, ranging from Austria over Russia across to Portugal.

​1st Austrian Turf Grass Nursery

​Since its foundation in 1906, RICHTER RASEN has been operating the first Austrian turf grass nursery in order to test and optimise grass species from all over the world for different kinds of environments.

To constantly improve its state-of-the-art technology, the company takes an active part in turf grass research, supporting universities and research institutions worldwide.

Alexander J. Richter is a board member of the International Turfgrass Society and co-founder of the European Turfgrass Society.

Our TREBRO AutoStack at Work