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Quality since 1906.

We are your partner for turf solutions, because your turf is our passion.

Sports turf

…our turf in Europe´s best-known stadiums RichterRasen_Kiev_bandarole1


Kirchengasse 2, 2443 Deutsch Brodersdorf, Austria. T +43 (0) 22557455, F +43 (0) 22557459


RICHTER STADIUM TURF is our top product for sports and an highly innovative form of sports turf. Since 2003, turf grass sods have been cultivated of the unique natural rootzone in Slovakia. 
RR has developed, among other products, the premium RICHTER STADIUM TURF®, which has to be cultivated for at least two years before being fully mature. This turf easily surpasses the requirements of DIN 18035 T4 standards. Thanks to our more than 100 years long know-how and decades of research, this type of grass can withstand extreme stress and make very fast recovery, as well as quick playability after laying. This quality is recommended by most prestigious football clubs worldwide and has been specially developed for the micro climate of football stadiums.

100 Years of Turf Know-How and Research. Find your ideal Product for Sports or Garden.

About us

Our family enterprise, RICHTER RASEN, based in lower Austria´s district of Baden was founded in 1906. What began as an Austrian pioneer venture, has since flourished into one of Europe‘s leading producers of natural turf and today is already well into its 5th generation. Cultivated on 300 Hectares in Austria and Slovakia, we are internationally renowned of producing only the highest available quality of natural turf.

  • Hightech-Product Sports Turf

    Our name-branded turf, RICHTER STADIUM TURF Richter Stadion Rasen® was especially designed to meet the requirements of soccer pitches. The dense structure and tear resistance of each individual grass, enables these lawns to resist very high degrees of pressure. Aside from the exceptional soil and local climate of the Pannonian Basin, these exceptinal traits are also greatly due to the passionate care of our staff.